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博金冠代理在哪里:Seppic wins award for its brand wesource at the 29th Festival Com' Santé

Seppic wins award for its brand wesource at the 29th Festival Com' Santé

During the 29th Festival Com’ Santé, Seppic won the silver prize in the CORPORATE COMMUNICATION category, with its brand wesource.

This festival promotes the communication campaigns of the professionals, businesses and associations of the healthcare industry. The topic of the 29th edition was “Ethics, in the heart of health” and nearly 100 projects were submitted.

The prize - delivered by a jury of 9 communication and / or health professionals - rewards Seppic for its communication on the brand wesource and its commitments.

Today, consumers are increasingly paying attention to their health and well-being and the cosmetics industry must meet a global ethical requirement: wesource's communication is built on naturality, scientific expertise and a societal commitment in Madagascar.

For over 60 years, knowledge of the Malagasy plants has triggered innovation and led to the development and continuous improvement of the Centella asiatica supply-chain. Seppic is committed to a sustainable harvest and equitable sharing of its know-how and benefits with the local partners.

Léa Seidenbinder, wesource Brand Marketing Manager, says: "This award recognizes wesource, our new active ingredients brand, as well as its associated communication actions. This is also a great opportunity to publicize our commitments in Madagascar and to engage more partners to join us."

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