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博金冠主页:Geotrends, new Seppic cosmetic formulations inspired by beauty trends


At Cosmetagora next January 15 and 16, Seppic is presenting the new 'Geotrends' collection with new formulations inspired by cosmetics trends.

A desire for travel, flight or beauty care?
Flyby the 5 beauty trends taken from all corners of the world aboard our hot air balloon: Personalized Beauty, Well-Being, Ethics, Inspiration from nature and Digitization. This year Seppic is grasping these trends and , with the help of its laboratory in Castres, is offering products to suit different lifestyles.

Personalized Beauty, Do-It-Yourself is back among global trends. A Modisumer (= Modification + Consumer) personalizes their cosmetic product to use a formula:

  • 'Home-made' with known ingredients,
  • Unique and matched to their skin needs and their desire for texture,
  • Enhanced efficacy.

Hence the need for a sound base, whatever the cocktail of active ingredients. SEPIMAX ZEN? takes up the challenge to stabilize the DIY Dermocosmetic Skeleton after adding dermocosmetic actives such as urea, glycolic acid…

Minimalism, from Europe and Japan, is part of the Well-being trend. The consumer uses simple and transparent formulations containing ingredients essential for well-being. ADIPO’STOP is a transparent minimalist formulation for feeling more beautiful! It contains a combination of two essential reducing active ingredients to sublime the legs: Caffeine to restore and ADIPOLESS? to prevent.

Increasing consumer interest in labels and biodegradability is the main factor increasing demand in the global Ethical trend and Natural Products. Ethik’Biote Daily Care is a natural body fluid for easily hydrated skin and a balanced microbiota with the active ingredient EQUIBIOME? derived from Burdock roots! It has been developed with a combo of natural and easily biodegradable ingredients: FLUIDIFEEL? EASY emulsifier, EMOGREEN? L15 emollient and SOLAGUM? AX polymer. A light formulation with a nude skin feeling, ultra-soft on the body! Coming from Asia and the United States, 'Dirt Beauty' is inspired by Nature (products based on seaweeds, clays, ashes, wood charcoal, probiotics…) and brings numerous benefits for the skin. The TRASH SLIME face mask uses the powers of red seaweed extract: CONTACTICEL? to fight pollution due to PM2.5 particles. The 'slime' texture looks like as the children's 'slime' game and is inspired by tree sap. The combination of natural SOLAGUM?AX gum and Ma?zena? make it stringy. SEPIMAX ZEN? stabilises the original elastic texture of the face mask and suspends the matcha tea, the only color and perfume in the skincare product. A biomimetic mask from sap for anti-pollution effect!

To be ready for a photo, a selfie at any moment, is part of the global Digitization trend with Instantaneous Effect. Be photo-ready with Insta-Aging fluid serum! This is a complete anti-aging skincare, combining the immediate tightener SESAFLASH? and ASPAR’AGE?, which protects young cells from contagious aging due to SMS (Senescence-Messaging Secretome).
This light serum has an astonishing, fresh texture and leaves a matt and very powdery finish…without texturizing powder! EMOGREEN? L15 provides this gentle, evanescent and powdery feel. A very fluid and rapidly absorbed serum with extra-concentrated actives! These trends fit into our multi-facetted lives. Seppic innovates by inspiring its customers through its 'Geotrends' texture bar and invites us to rediscover its ingredients.

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